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  • The difference between ventilator and oxygen concentrator2021-08-31

    What is the difference between oxygen concentrator and ventilator? what are the working principles of the ventilator and the oxygen concentrator? when should the oxygen concentrator and the ventilator be used together? and what should be paid attention to when using the oxygen concentrator with the ventilator? Let's learn about these issues together.

  • Happy New Year!2020-12-31

    2020 was a difficult and challenge year, which put the world in the pandemic of covid-19, but it was also a year which we were able to react, remain untied and commit ourselves foremost.  

  • Longfian was honoured with an award 4-Star Merchant by Alibaba Group2020-12-03

    Longfian Scitech Co., Ltd was invited to participate in the Digital Hebei Business Leadership Summit hosted by Alibaba and won the title of 4-Star Merchant.

  • Longfian appear at CHTF--- at the invitation of Hebei Province Department of Commerce to attend the China International High-Tech Fair2020-11-19

    From November 11 to 15, 2020, the China International Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF) was held in Shenzhen. At the invitation of Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce, Longfian Scitech Co., Ltd brought a variety of oxygen concentrators to the exhibition, and was favored and negotiated by many domestic and foreign companies.

  • MEDICA 2020 will be held online from November 16th to 19th,2020. 2020-11-13

    MEDICA 2020 will be held online from November 16th to 19th,2020. Here is Link for virtual Medica Longfian digital showroom:

  • Longfian Response for Wuhan Covid2020-03-12

    The fight against the epidemic, Longfian in action, read about high-flow oxygen plays a significant role for the pneumonia, as one of the few with high flow oxygen (JAY-10W) registration card companies refuse.

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