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  • Prevention of COPD: Provide a green channel for breathing2020-11-01

    If you use one sentence to describe COPD, it is controllable and irreversible. COPD is a chronic lung disease that gradually weakens the respiratory function of patients. It is known as the most "invisible killer" among respiratory diseases.

  • The benefits of oxygen inhaling for the elderly2020-10-15

    In many elderly people, due to the signs of degeneration of their body organs, it is easy to have some disease problems, and most elderly people have difficulty in breathing when some physical diseases occur, which requires oxygen inhalation. Oxygen inhalation can target many diseases. If an elderly person inhales oxygen for a long time, what will be the health benefits? Let's take a look together.

  • The difference between Ventilator and Oxygen concentrator2020-09-16

    According to incomplete statistics, the highest mortality rate of chronic diseases in recent years is not cancer, nor cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases but respiratory diseases. Mechanical ventilation and correct oxygen supply are the most important means for the treatment of respiratory diseases.

  • What are the symptoms of pulmonary heart disease in the aged people2020-08-12

    Elderly pulmonary heart disease is a relatively common type of disease in clinic. Mainly due to chronic lung disease, pulmonary artery blood vessels or thoracic lesions caused by abnormal lung tissue structure and function, resulting in pulmonary vascular resistance increased pulmonary hypertension formation, so that right heart dilated hypertrophy with or without right heart failure heart disease.

  • What should patients pay attention to when inhaling oxygen?2020-07-12

    There are many benefits of oxygen inhalation. Many diseases, especially respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, or carbon monoxide poisoning, can be improved through oxygen inhalation (also called oxygen therapy), which is an important first aid. But if the oxygen inhalation method is not correct, it can also bring disadvantages to the patient. How to properly inhale oxygen?

  • What do you know about COPD?2020-06-14

    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (abbreviated as COPD) is a common chronic respiratory disease. It is mainly caused by smoking and other reasons that cause airway narrowing or emphysema and other structural changes, resulting in obstruction of respiratory airflow, and feeling of breathing hard or unable to penetrate.It is often accompanied by discomfort such as cough and sputum. People often say "chronic bronchitis" and "emphysema" fall into this category.

  • How should chronic bronchitis be treated?2020-05-17

    Due to the slow onset of chronic bronchitis and the presence of an incubation period, the symptoms are not obvious and can be easily overlooked. It is relatively difficult to treat them after the disease has worsened. In order to make everyone aware of this disease, it is to let everyone realize the seriousness of this disease, prevent everyone from neglecting and not going to effective treatment, especially to introduce the harm that chronic bronchitis may bring to everyone.

  • How to treat COPD patients?2020-04-19

    For a long time, people believe that oxygen therapy is an effective method for severe patients, especially for patients with the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with severe symptoms of hypoxia, which can play an effective role in relieving the patients' life-threatening lethargy. Once things get better, people take it for granted that they don't need to inhale oxygen anymore, and It is worry whether Long-term oxygen inhalation will make people become addicted and be harmful.

  • Notices for homecare oxygen therapy2020-03-15

    With the development of science and technology, people’s living standards continue to improve, and the demand for health is gradually increasing. Oxygen inhalation will gradually become an important means of family and community rehabilitation.

  • How to use high flow oxygen concentrator cooperating with HFNC?2020-02-16

    High-flow respiratory humidifier is a new oxygen therapy, which has been proved by a large number of clinical studies at home and abroad.The device is composed of an air-oxygen blender, a humidifier, a single heating circuit, a large-diameter nasal congestion catheter or a tracheostomy connector, and a mask adapter.

  • COPD and long-term family oxygen therapy2020-01-15

    For a long time, people have believed that oxygen inhalation therapy is an effective method for critically ill patients, especially for patients with severe COPD and acute episodes of hypoxia, which can effectively relieve the patient’s life-threatening effect. Once the condition improves, people take it for granted that there is no need to inhale oxygen, and even worry about whether long-term oxygen inhalation will become addictive and harmful to the body.

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