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Hypoxia cause disease----oxygen supplementation is important for the elderly

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Most people think that there isn’t a problem of shortage of oxygen in daily life. In fact, as long as hypoxia, not only it produces a lot of free radicals, but also reduce the vitality of cells. With the addition of poorly metabolized acid waste, it is no wonder that hypoxia will not only accelerate Aging can also cause terrible cancers. It can be said to be an aging killer that often accompanies you and me.

Two-time Nobel Prize winner in medicine-German medical doctor Warburg once said: The main cause of all diseases, pain and cancer is hypoxia in human cells. Clearly express the relationship between hypoxia and disease.

Regular oxygen supplementation can improve the body's comprehensive immunity, clean the respiratory system, and improve internal organ function just like our nutrition intake. Regular oxygen supplementation can effectively improve the sub-health state.


After entering the old age, the basic physiological function of the human body degenerates, which leads to the aging of various tissues and organs in the body, which directly causes the elderly to reduce the amount of oxygen intake, the ability to transport oxygen, and the efficiency of oxygen utilization, so that the entire body tissue is in varying degrees of chronicity Hypoxia.

The other is the aging of the central system, which has a comprehensive impact on the function of the entire body. Often due to disturbances in the stability of the internal environment, it leads to metabolic changes and impaired blood and oxygen supply to the brain and myocardium. For middle-aged and elderly people who already suffer from diseases such as bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, angina pectoris, and heart failure, the degree of chronic hypoxia will be further aggravated. Long-term chronic hypoxia can cause irreversible damage to the body.


Geriatric disease may affect the body's oxygen supply, or be triggered by hypoxia. In short, it is mostly related to oxygen. Oxygen therapy for senile diseases is aimed at the etiology, pathology and clinical symptoms of common and frequently-occurring diseases in the elderly. Appropriate oxygen therapy methods are used to relieve symptoms, alleviate the condition, and promote recovery. The emphasis on oxygen intake and improvement methods will directly affect the occurrence and development of various senile diseases. The oxygen generator can promptly supplement the needed oxygen for middle-aged and elderly people, improve the symptoms of hypoxia, and benefit the health of the elderly.

The Longfian oxygen concentrator can supply oxygen continuously for 24 hours and 365 days. Long-term use can gently fill the body, promote metabolism, nourish the internal organs, improve blood circulation, beautify the skin, and benefit the brain and fitness. There is always an oxygen concentrator in the home of the elderly, which can achieve the purpose of alleviating senile diseases, promoting recovery, and strengthening the body.

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