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A letter from Longfian

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Nice to write to you at the beginning of new year 2021. Really hope you and your family are safe under the serious situation of COVID in the world.

As we can see the infected number is still increasing in the world. This is not just a number, but every fresh life.

In past whole year of 2020, Longfian made the great effort to produce and export oxygen concentrators approximately 200000 units to all over the world. For more than 15 years efforts in oxygen equipment field , we never feel the world need us so close. Although we can’t handshake face to face currently, but we are united to fight against Covid.

World Health Organization, UNICEF, leaders from many countries got approach to us and asked for oxygen equipments. We had a heavy task, but also honor of it. Because we are doing a mission that may save many lives.  

At the very beginning of new year 2021, Mexican are under Covid pandemic. We work day and night to try our best supplying more oxygen concentrators in shortest time. We want to express care to Mexican people: we are standing behind of you to fight against the Covid!

If you also need us providing oxygen equipment, pls kindly contact us.

With Longfian high quality and various models, may more people will be saved from COVID.

Take care and Stay safe , my friends!  

Best Regards

Longfian Team

Jan 15,2021

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