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How to inhale oxygen scientifically

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The following are the symptoms that have been confirmed as hypoxia and need oxygen inhalation : feel tired frequently, insomnia, asthma, backache, chest tightness, palpitations, concentration problems, etc. Asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, cor pulmonale and stroke, various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, etc.

How to inhale oxygen in order to prevent and cure diseases of the elderly is a topic of common concern.It is suggested that the elderly should inhale oxygen at several key time points: before going to bed, after getting up early, and before and after exercise. In particular, it can significantly improve the sleep quality of the elderly to inhale oxygen before going to bed, which can make easier to fall asleep and reduce the risk of heart failure.In addition, after getting up in the morning, before and after exercise is also prone to chest tightness, panting and other symptoms, at this time an appropriate amount of oxygen can reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Not only the elderly need oxygen ,the following people also need more oxygen . Therefore, our breathing is very important,oxygen plays a decisive role in strengthening the immune system, and insufficient oxygen supply can cause stroke, arteriosclerosis, liver disease, uterine fibroids and other diseases.

I. Oxygen inhalation for pregnant women:

Oxygen inhalation is good for pregnant and fetus. Pregnant women take oxygen three times a day for thirty minutes each time to increase blood oxygen concentration and deliver it to the fetus through placental blood, which is beneficial to the health of the mother and can increases the development and growth of an unborn child.

II. Oxygen inhalation for the elderly:

Resistance to disease, slow decline and prolong life.Into old age, physiological function degradation , and tissues (especially the brain and heart muscle) can not supply enough blood and oxygen.Elderly people take oxygen three times a day, thirty minutes each time, can actively prevent the three hidden dangers: stroke, asthma, hypertension, disease resistance slow decline, prolong life, improve the quality of life.

III. Oxygen inhalation for mental workers:

Eliminate fatigue and improve memory.The brain accounts for 20-30% of the body's oxygen consumption.Oxygen absorption has a good effect on eliminating mental fatigue, coruscating spirit and improving memory.If students take oxygen for thirty minutes a day during the preparation period, it can relieve the tension before the test, protect the brain, and improve their performance significantly.

IV. Oxygen inhalation by operators:

Relieves tension and refreshes your mind.Fatigue, dizziness and headaches after a long period of work are all hypoxia reactions.Operating personnel a day to breathe oxygen two times, twenty minutes each time, can quickly improve the hypoxia situation, relieve tension, refreshing, improve work efficiency.

V. Oxygen inhalation after manual labor:

Quickly eliminate fatigue.Labor or exercise lead to body metabolism hypoxia, intramuscular lactic acid concentration, aching, weak load.Oxygen absorption can quickly improve the body hypoxia, eliminate fatigue, restore physical strength, improve work efficiency.

VI. Women inhale oxygen:

Health care, beauty, twenty minutes is enough . Air pollution is serious in modern cities, and women's appearance and health are threatened to varying degrees.Inhale oxygen for twenty minutes before going to bed every night, promote skin blood circulation, accelerate toxin discharge, replenish moisture, skin is young, more elastic, and can health care, improve sleep.

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