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Life is breathing

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Life exists between the breath, human life is indeed closely related to the breath.Because breathing is so important, it's important to take every breath into your day as much as possible.From the close relationship between life and breath, we think that a good grasp of breath is a good grasp of life. Healthy breathing can have a very positive impact on the quantity of life.

Nowadays’ environment is changeable that it's impossible to control our healthy breathing.The pathogenic mechanism of environmental harmful factors is mainly the damage to immune function and respiratory mucosa, as well as the damage to cardiopulmonary function caused by insufficient oxygen supply.Harsh environmental factors such as cold, harmful gas stimulation, hypoxia, dust, dryness, etc. can cause sudden or chronic injury.

Spring is the frequent season of respiratory diseases, and forming good hygiene habits is the key to prevent respiratory diseases and infectious diseases.Strengthen exercise, enhance immunity;Living a regular life, combining work and rest, and keeping enough sleep are very important to improve your resistance.Reasonable arrangement of food, food should not be too spicy, also should not be too greasy.Respiratory disease patients should have an oxygen concentrator at home!

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