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"Natural Oxygen Bar" at Home

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Common symptoms in summer, such as lack of sleep, irritability, fatigue, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, colds and colds caused by alternating cold and heat.Oxygen inhalation has a particularly good effect on preventing, relieving, and improving  these symptoms.Also can improve human immunity. As the temperature gets higher and higher, the humidity gets bigger and bigger, the days are long and the night is short,Lack of sleep can easily cause dizziness and even nausea and vomiting. High temperature causes vasodilation and accelerates blood circulation, prone to sudden cardiovascular and cerebrovascular ischemia hypoxia.Inhale oxygen during lunch break! In summer, children and elderly people with weakened immunity are most likely to get gastrointestinal diseases, high fever, colds and flu. The oxygen concentrator must be used every day in summer ! There is also one of the reasons that the temperature and humidity is higher in summer, If the oxygen concentrator is not used for a long time, the service life will be reduced!

Some Precautions for oxygen inhalation in summer

1. Pay attention to the safety of oxygen use,prevent heat, oil, shock and fire. Longfian oxygen concentrator is equipped with intelligent high temperature safety monitoring and alarm and fire damper technology. This is the unique technology and configuration of domestic manufacturers. If malfunction occurs, it will alarm and shut down.

2. The oxygen concentrator should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, not on a balcony or a damp and airtight place exposed to direct sunlight.

3. The oxygen concentrator uses an independent power socket. If you live in a remote rural area or an area with aging lines in the old urban area, install a voltage stabilizer! The Longfian oxygen concentrator is equipped with intelligent pressure monitoring and alarm, and it will alarm when there is a malfunction.

4. The water in humidifier bottle needs to be changed every day. Use purified water. The humidifier bottle should be thoroughly cleaned every half month. The Longfian oxygen concentrator is equipped with a 6PSI humidifier bottle imported from the United States with a high safety factor. When the air path is not smooth,the humidifier bottle will release the pressure immediately to ensure safety.

5. The oxygen cannula should be disinfected every day.

6. It is normal to have small water droplets on the wall of the oxygen cannula.

7. The first filter is replaced and cleaned once a week, and the second filter is replaced and cleaned once every half one month. Longfian oxygen concentrator is equipped with intelligent oxygen concentration monitoring. If the filter system is not replaced for a long time, the intake air will be blocked and will cause low oxygen alarm.

8. Cut off the power when you go out to escape the heat, turn off the flow meter, pour out the water in humidifier bottle, and place the machine in a dry and ventilated place. Please use it every day after returning from travel.  

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