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First aid for sudden asthma

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Asthma is the excessive response of the airway to various stimulating factors, which causes the airway to narrow. During an asthma attack, airway stenosis should be relieved as soon as possible, hypoxemia should be corrected, lung function should be restored, and complications should be prevented. Attacks are often accompanied by sudden dyspnea, prolonged exhalation, coughing, pale or purple complexion, increased heart rate, and even decreased blood pressure, profuse sweating, and confusion. During treatment, you must not blindly carry him back to the hospital, because doing so will compress the patient’s chest, obstruct the patient’s breathing, and even be fatal in severe cases.


Correct way for sudden asthma

  1. Sitting position rest: Assist the patient to sit on a bed or chair, or rest in a semi-recumbent position, or let the patient kneel on the bed with a pillow and lean forward, which is conducive to the patient’s breathing.
  2. Oxygen inhalation: If there is an oxygen bag or oxygen generator in the home, the patient should be inhaled oxygen through the nasal cannula or face mask at a flow rate of 1-2 liters per minute.
  3. To Inhalation of asthma sprays: spray aerosol medicines such as salbutamol and salbutamol (Tributamol) into the patient, press 2 to 3 sprays; should not exceed 6 to 8 sprays per day.
  4. Keep warm and stable mood: Pay attention to keep the patient warm, keep the environment quiet, family members should not surround the patient, keep the air around the patient fresh; keep the room ventilated, avoid indoor irritating gas such as kerosene, smoke, paint.
  5. Admission as soon as possible: If the patient is unconscious, call the emergency center for help immediately. And let the patient lie flat on the tablet and quickly rush to the hospital.

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