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What to pay attention to when inhaling oxygen?

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Many diseases, especially respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, or carbon monoxide poisoning, can improve the patient's condition by inhaling oxygen (also called oxygen therapy), which is a very important first aid method, but if the oxygen inhalation method is wrong, it also can bring disadvantages to patients. How to properly inhale oxygen?


1. what circumstances need to inhale oxygen?

All people with respiratory diseases, such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary emphysema, can be treated with oxygen. Others, such as heart failure, bleeding from ulcers, and gas poisoning, require oxygen inhalation. It can be said that with the improvement of people's awareness of oxygen therapy, oxygen inhalation has been entered into people's lives.

2. what devices are needed for oxygen inhalation?

There is also a special article about the oxygen inhalation device, which has been covered in more comprehensive way. To summarize, household oxygen inhalation devices mainly include oxygen bags, oxygen tanks, oxygen cylinders, and household oxygen concentrator. The most commonly way is to use a household oxygen concentrator, because it is indeed more convenient and more affordable.

3. what to pay attention to when inhaling oxygen?

① It is necessary to connect a nasal catheter or nasal congestion to the oxygen inhalation device, and then insert it into the patient's nostril. After inserting the nasal catheter into the patient's nasal cavity, it must be secured to avoid falling off.

② When inhaling oxygen, it isn’t that the larger the oxygen flow, the better. In some cases, high-flow oxygen inhalation is not good for the patient.

③ Master the oxygen inhalation time: each oxygen inhalation time, if you use a nasal cannula to inhale oxygen, it is recommended to inhale oxygen for 30-60 minutes each time. If you use a closed double-tube mask to inhale oxygen, it is recommended to inhale oxygen for 15-30 minutes each time.

④ Don't be superstitious about hyperbaric oxygen. Oxygen inhalation can indeed improve the symptoms of hypoxia, but it is not about hyperbaric oxygen. The oxygen produced by ordinary household oxygen concentrator can meet the needs of ordinary patients. Hyperbaric oxygen is not required. Hyperbaric oxygen is generally used for special needs.

In short, it should be noted that improper use of oxygen also has side effects when inhaling oxygen, especially for patients. It should be applied under the guidance of a physician.

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