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  • JAY-10-4.0/JAY-20-4.0
    Flow Rate
    0--10 L/min; 0--20 L/min;
    Oxygen Concentration
    93% (±3%) 
    Power Consumption
    Outlet Pressure
    20-60 Psi (0.14-0.4Mpa)
    Input Frequency
    50/60 Hz
    Sound Level
    ≤ 60db 
    Input Voltage
    AC 230V/110V ± 10%
    Power failure; high and low pressure; Low O2 Concentration

    ✧ Using molecular sieve pressure swing adsorption principle, using air as raw material to physically produce oxygen;

    ✧ It can meet the oxygen supply for anesthesia machine, the outlet pressure is as high as 60 Psi (0.4Mpa), and it can be connected to most international brands of anesthesia machines and ventilators;

    ✧ For large animals more than 7kgs, such as cattle, horses, etc;

    ✧ It meets the various clinical demands of veterinarians, and is widely applicable to the oxygen supply for veterinary clinic surgery, post-operation, ICU and emergency.

    ✧ According to the oxygen demand, the oxygen production program is automatically stopped and automatically started

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