Cage Oxygen Therapy
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  • JAY-5/JAY-10
    Flow Rate
    0.5--5L/min; 0.5-10L/min
    Oxygen Concentration
    93% (±3%) 
    Power Consumption
    ≤ 550W
    Outlet Pressure
    6-10 psi (0.04-0.07 Mpa)
    Input Frequency
    50/60 Hz
    Sound Level
    ≤ 50db
    Input Voltage
    AC 230V/110V ± 10%
    Power failure; high and low pressure; No flow; Low O2 Concentration

    ✧ Using molecular sieve pressure swing adsorption principle, using air as raw material, physical oxygen production, eliminating the trouble of daily tank changing and inflation;

    ✧ One machine with multiple functions, to meet the needs of animal anesthesia machines for oxygen supply, postoperative oxygen supply, ICU oxygen supply, and emergency oxygen supply;

    ✧ With high outlet pressure, it can be connected to a cage and can be used as an anesthetic gas source for small animals less than 7kgs, such as cats and dogs;

    ✧ It meets the various clinical demands of veterinarians, and is widely applicable to the oxygen supply for veterinary clinic surgery, post-operation, ICU and emergency;

    ✧ Oxygen is supplied according to the time set by the user, and the oxygen production program is automatically stopped

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