Glass Blowing
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  • JAY-5/JAY-8/JAY-10
    Flow Rate
    0.5--5L/min; 0.5-8L/min ; 0.5-10L/min
    Oxygen Concentration
    93% (±3%) 
    Power Consumption
    ≤ 550W/880W
    Outlet Pressure
    6-10 psi (0.04-0.07 Mpa)
    Input Frequency
    50/60 Hz
    Sound Level
    ≤ 50db 
    Input Voltage
    AC 230V/110V ± 10%
    Power failure; high and low pressure; No flow; Low O2 Concentration
    OPI Alarm
    Audible and Visual alarm at low oxygen concentration (<82%)

    ✧ Using multicolored glass rods as the main material, oxygen and liquefied gas are used to heat the glass rods to quickly melt the heated rods, and then use pliers, blades and other small tools to shape various glass crafts ;

    ✧ The raw material for oxygen production is air, no auxiliary materials are needed, no pollution, and low cost;

    ✧ Oxygen production is convenient and rapid, outlet pressure is stable, and the oxygen flow can be adjusted;

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