Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber
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  • JAY-5/JAY-10
    Flow Rate
    0.5--5L/min; 0.5-10L/min
    Oxygen Concentration
    93% (±3%) 
    Power Consumption
    ≤ 550W
    Outlet Pressure
    6-10PSI (0.04-0.07MPA ); 20PSI (0.14Mpa)
    Input Frequency
    50/60 Hz
    Sound Level
    ≤ 50db 
    Input Voltage
    AC 230V/110V ± 10%
    Power failure; high and low pressure; No flow; Low O2 Concentration
    OPI Alarm
    Audible and Visual alarm at low oxygen concentration (<82%)

    ✧ Dynamic balance, so that the cabin has high oxygen concentration and constant and safe atmosphere. Fresh oxygen air enters the cabin, and the excess exhaust gas is continuously discharged from the cabin through the automatic vent valve;

    ✧ Portable host, free time control, automatic alarm system, one key in place, convenient and applicable;

    ✧ The soft cabin is made of precision TPU materials for aerospace and aviation, and the hard cabin is professionally processed by aviation aluminum;

    ✧ The cabin body is made of high-grade carbon fiber, which is light in weight and strong in pressure;

    ✧ After each use, the oxygen chamber will be deeply disinfected, which can kill all kinds of bacteria and pathogens in time to avoid cross infection;

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